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The secret to IMMORTALITY revealed

Honestly, I don’t remember her...

A typical night at 1OAK LA.

Not one bit.

But she remembered me. That’s for sure.

She approached me at a 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood.

“So how are YOU?” she asked, as if we’d known each other all our lives.

I swear I do NOT remember this girl!

Now I could have played it like I remembered. But for some reason, I didn’t.

“I’m sorry. Do we know each other?”

“That’s ok. I remember you. You’re the one who changed my life.”

“I did?” (Candidly, I was expecting the proverbial shoe to drop. Like I had gotten her pregnant or something equally dire.)

What she said next surprised the fvck out of me.

“Yeah, you told me I was pretty. Pretty enough that I should be in movies.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Actually, you said I was beautiful. So I started auditioning. And guess what?”

“What?” (Now she had my attention.)

“I got the part. I got the part in... wait for it... Fast and Furious 7!”

And that’s when my mouth dropped...

And THAT my badass friend, is
how you become IMMORTAL

Right now, I want you to think back to all the pivotal moments you’ve had in your life.

These people will live on – long after they’ve physically passed on.

So what’s the common link between all these experiences?

I’ll tell you. It’s...

The ability to have a REAL
CONVERSATION with someone!

If you’re going make a dent in this world... if you’re going to make your mark... if you’re going to do something as impactful, exciting and adventurous as getting laid by the hottest girl you know...

You’re going to NEED to know how to
have an INFLUENTIAL conversation

Now, you may think all I did with Fast and Furious girl was to compliment her.

Compliments are a dime a dozen.

But let me tell you, I did way more than that.

So much more, she’s going to remember me for THE REST OF HER PRETTY LITTLE LIFE.



I touched that part of her (Hey… get your mind out of the gutter for a moment!) that CRAVED what she really wanted.

What was that?

She needed to be VALIDATED. To be told “it’s ok to go after your dreams.”

Creating these special conversations, the kind that create possibility in someone’s life, IS A SKILL.

You see, most people walk around in a trance.
How many times have you heard this in your life:

“How are you?” “Good.”

Now let me ask you, is that engaging?



Not in the least.

How about a bond? Is there any kind of a bond created?

Not a chance in hell.

And God forbid if you’re an introvert.

If you’re an introvert? Every day you let THE MOST AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES FOR CONVERSATIONS pass as if they were never even there.

It gets worse...

You want to know the real obstacle to meaningful conversations?

Your cellphone

Yeah, no matter where you are, your head is buried in whatever is going on with your cell.

Maybe it’s Facebook. Maybe it’s your email. Who knows?

What I do know is again, you’re missing out on the most amazing opportunities to have incredible conversations with the person sitting right next to you.

And you want to know the real travesty of it all?

You give up the right to have YOUR
LIFE impacted as well.

  • Whether it’s finding the girl of your dreams...
  • You could be spontaneously offered a dream job. (This has happened to me)...
  • You could be offered an amazing opportunity for a world adventure.
  • You could bond with someone who could be a lifelong friend.
  • Of course, conversation opens the door to SEX... SEX… And more SEX (This is actually one of the EASIEST things you can do with conversation)...

Maybe most of all, you could have the opportunity to change someone’s life... whether it’s a girl at a party... in line at Starbucks... or at work.

You never know when a pivotal conversation could make such
a difference to someone – including and especially YOU.

And this is EXACTLY why I created...

Trust me, Emma Watson is NOT alone.

Not by a long shot.

One of the truly lost arts is the ability to have a GREAT CONVERSATION with someone... anyone.

Today, people are dying to be talked to... people are dying to be acknowledged... people are dying to share an intimate moment with someone they just met.

Ask me how I know.

I’ll tell you a secret:

You want to know who I think the loneliest people are?

Amazingly, pretty girls.

Why? Because everybody THINKS they’re so pretty, they MUST be popular.


The fact is MOST GUYS are too intimidated to have a real conversation with them.

So when someone like me enters their orbit, I’m like so “bold”.

Why? Because I could give a fvck what they think about me in the moment.

I’m myself. I’m genuine. I’m authentic.

But most of all? Here’s the secret few know and even fewer know how to maximize to their advantage...

I’m vulnerable.

That’s right. I open myself up and expose something about myself. (No, not my dick. Man, you REALLY need to get your mind out of the gutter.)

And THE ONLY REASON I am able to do that is because of I have mastered a simple skill that anyone with desire can learn in about a day.

And that’s exactly what Conversation God does.

It is THE ONLY PROGRAM that shows you how to have a meaningful conversation with ANYONE, especially incredibly attractive women.

No matter whether...

  • It’s the hottest girl in the room...
  • It’s the CEO of your company...
  • It’s a car salesman you’re negotiating with...
  • It’s a high-ticket client opportunity...
  • A family member you’re estranged from...
  • It’s your girlfriend who’s adorable but distant...

It just doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, or the outcome you’re trying to achieve--you have all the skills, tools and resources to create conversational magic.

In Conversation God, you’ll discover…

Easily master this essential skill and gain:

What guys around the world are
saying about Conversation God…

“...watching your program filled me with confidence to build new and better relationships with people. I just wanted to say that it truly is a must for anyone that wants to improve their social skills really fast.”

Raj, LA

“Had this crazy AF conversation with this hot girl at the supermarket in the produce aisle. I would have never of done this without Conversation God.”


“I used to fear talking to girls. Now I don’t.”


“I used to fear talking to girls. Now I don’t.”


“...What a fantastic way to make new friends. Your methods are stealth genius.”


“...Conversation God has been so helpful in transforming my sales calls and getting me not just closes but making new friends in the process! Thanks!”


Plus We’re Going to Specifically Deal with
Conversations With Hot Girls
the hotter and sexier the better...

PLUS: The #1 Bonus That Forever Crushes Your Challenges with Hot Women

For those guys who move fast, I have a fast action bonus just for you.

It’s titled...

Conversation God Bonus #1

Seductive Conversation

No, it's not a video. It’s not a special guide. And it’s not even a course.

Seductive Conversation Mastery is a LIVE, one-time only, “roll up your sleeves and let’s do some real work on ourselves” webinar training.

Now here’s the thing. I’m purposely limiting this webinar to the first 500 buyers ONLY.

You snooze, you lose, my friend.

So I encourage you to jump on my offer right now and secure your seat.

This is something you may not want to miss.

But wait, I’m not done piling on the goodies for fast action...

Conversation God Bonus #2

Invisible Influence
in Conversation

Every day, you have the opportunity to slip in subtle but powerful suggestions that allow you to take control of a situation and stealthfully turn it to your advantage.

And that’s what my Invisible Influence in Conversation will do for you.

This video is like giving you X-RAY vision into how you can influence common conversations, giving you a decided up hand.

Conversation God Bonus #3

The First Two
Minutes Manifesto

Of all the questions I get about conversation, the thing guys most struggle with is the first two minutes.

That’s why I created a targeted video--specifically focused on this one subject.

The First Two Minutes Manifesto overcomes every single issue you may have, every situation you may find your yourself in where you want to approach.

With it, you never again dread approaching, chatting a girl up or enduring the awkward pregnant pause.

It fact, you’ll embrace each opportunity.

Trust me, out of all the moments of conversation I love the most?

It’s the first two minutes. Let me share with you not just why, but how I mastered these 120 seconds.

Conversation God Bonus #4

50 Questions That
ACTIVATE Her Sexual Brain

Questions are like little sexual spark plugs.

Questions can jump start a conversation, and before you know it, they can lead you into a full blown hot and steamy relationship.

Can a little 5-word question get her all hot and bothered for you?

Yep, and I have 49 others just like it.

Please do not underestimate the power.

And be sure to use it responsibly...

Conversation God Bonus #5

Stealth Conversations
That Make Her Fantasize
About You

You want templates and scripts that can turn on a woman’s wild imagination?

That’s what Stealth Conversations That Make Her Fantasize About You will do for you.

This video lays out each and every situation--so you’re never struggling to figure out how to lead beautiful woman where you ultimately want her to go.

Your bed... or hers.

Now, as you can appreciate I
beta test everything I come up with
–just to make damn sure it delivers

Conversation God is no different.

I conducted Conversation God training in LA and LV no less than THREE TIMES for groups willing to pay as much as $5500 each to be in the room.

Admittedly, many of these were coaching clients who could afford to pay for private training, but the facts are I didn’t disappoint:

  1. "This is by far your best course. Maybe even better than Status. I used to be the worst when talking to people, but now it’s different. Now I can talk to anyone about anything for ages - and keep it up!"

    JD, Portland

  2. "Well worth the $5500. Your course is so fantastic, it actually got me through a recent business trade show trip... I owe you big time! I closed a huge deal. (And each night I went back to my hotel room with a different girl. How bout dat?)"

    corey, wa

  3. "Thanks a lot for your fascinating insights and useful tips. I've been doing similar stuff myself for years, but you've come up with new ideas that make me smile - watching you work is inspiring!"

    Nathan, Fl

Now sure, I could charge that kind of money, but I won’t. Absolutely not.

My tribe appreciates that when I offer a training, it’s worth at least 10X more than they’re paying--usually more.

In that respect, Conversation God is no different.

That’s why, if you’re one of the first 500 buyers, you won’t pay $5500... or $750... or even $500...

Click the button below and all you’ll pay today is…

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147

But here’s the catch:

We’re taking this offer down soon. Even after such a short time, Conversation God has become so popular, we’re about to hit our limit.

In other words…

Hurry! Jump on this opportunity now to change life--as well as your relationships with women everywhere.

Here’s what else you’ll discover...

Jason Capital’s 4-Way 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee

I’m so certain you’re going to LOVE Conversation
God and use it every day, I’m making four major promises:

  • Conversation God Guarantee #1: If you don’t immediately feel a sense of RELIEF as soon as you log-in to Conversation God dashboard, I’ll refund your entire investment in ASAP.
  • Conversation God Guarantee #2: If you don’t starting dating, texting and screwing more girls because of your superior conversational skills, I’ll refund your entire investment in ASAP.
  • Conversation God Guarantee #3: If you don’t begin to have more interesting, deeper and fulfilling conversations within the first 3 days of going through the videos, I’ll refund your entire investment in ASAP.
  • Conversation God Guarantee #4: If you find yourself falling down the Google Rabbit Hole when you need some conversational advice, it means I’ve failed in what I set out to do and I’ll refund your entire investment ASAP.

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147

What guys around the world are
saying about Conversation God…

“I've just never seen anyone conduct such a brilliant course on essential social skills before... it's not only helped me with work but I genuinely feel more confident as a person now. I don't take myself so seriously anymore and just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

Raj, LA

“Jason, I met my current girlfriend Diana using your methods. I even stole her away from Petey, the asshole at the bar. She said I was the most fascinating guy because I spoke to her like no other. Kudos!”

Dave, Tuscon, AZ

"Your course is fun, genuine and highly entertaining. It has helped me to flourish effortlessly with my social interactions - both personally and professionally."

Dean, Chicago, IL

"...I have recommended this course to all my buddies! You come across as a friend who has actually gone through, and overcome, the conversational problems that I've encountered."

Stefan, Lebanon, IN

Who Conversation God is NOT for...

  • Guys who would rather talk to AI sex robots...
  • Guys who think they need to manipulate women to seduce them...
  • Guys who think they can seduce women just based upon their good looks (Good luck with that)...
  • Guys who don’t want to share with the world what they know...
  • Guys who think they can go it alone in the world and still wildly succeed in life...
  • Guys who are introverted and have no desire to change (even though Conversation God works best with these Bros)...
  • Guys who are self-centered, thinking that conversation is about the girl fawning all over them...

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147

A Snapshot of Your Life
IF You Are Fortunate Enough to
Watch This Program

  • Imagine you’re finally alone with a girl you like. Now you have the words and phrases to open her up like a book. Even better, as each minute goes by, she gets more and more attracted to you. All because YOU’RE a Conversation God.
  • Imagine you walk into a room full of strangers and you can instantly tell which people are waiting to talk to you and what you should say to them to put them at their ease and make a great first impression.
    (In fact, you'll know 16 things to say to start an effective conversation!)...
  • Imagine a woman rejects you without you even saying a word. Then you open your mouth. In moments, she rethinks her previous decision--all because you know the EXACT things to say to turn her on...
  • Imagine you're a salesperson facing a group of difficult, closed-up customers. But you're not worried because you know exactly how to find out what they're really thinking - and then how to get them on your side...
  • Imagine you've gone to ask your boss for a pay raise or promotion. By reading his comments and body language, you know whether or not he's ready to say yes - and more important, you know how to feel out exactly how much you should ask for...
  • Imagine you're in an important meeting at work or with clients and you come away with a report for your boss to read. You know exactly how to persuade him to do that immediately, and even better, make it look as if it was their decision...
  • Imagine you want to ask a girl out on a date. But you want to be creative and original, not like all the other schmoes. Conversation God gets the job done for you...
  • Imagine you're negotiating the deal of your life but your customers just won't come to a decision. No problem, you're still in control because you have SIX PROVEN WAYS to get them to agree to the deal before you even think of using your final nuclear option...
  • Imagine you're about to get a parking ticket, but since you know what to say to win the officer over, you don't get one. Instead, the officer escorts you to a preferred parking place! This actually happened to Peter recently, in fact.

Imagine, in short, that you could...

SUCCESS except your willingness to strike up a conversation.

That my badass friend, is what Conversation God offers you.

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147

The thing you may be
most worried about...

I’m a lot like you.

There was a point in my life when I was an extremely awkward introvert.

I couldn’t string two sentences together without fearing TOTAL REJECTION.

It was the source of my decision to become America’s #1 Dating Coach.

I figured if I could get this part of my life handled, I’D BE UNSTOPPABLE.

What you’re about to discover took me the better part of ten painfully long years to master.

And now I want to share everything I know with you about generating engaging conversation.

Only for you? It’ll take 10 days. Probably less.

I encourage you to take me up on this amazing offer.

For just a small amount of money...

will last you the rest of your life

What’s that worth? What’s that REALLY worth?

For me, it’s been worth at least $10 million dollars and counting. Not to mention scores and scores of hot girls galore.

If THAT don’t change your life, I don’t know what will.

Of course, if money doesn’t matter to you... if you’d prefer spanking the monkey and watching porn to get off... if you’d prefer antisocial behavior, then having meaningful conversations with men and women alike is probably not for you.

But I kinda doubt that.

I suspect you’d benefit tremendously from being a Conversation God in your right.

So go ahead and test drive on my dime, not yours.

I think... rather I KNOW your life is about to take one huge leap forward...

Is a sex robot in
your immediate future?

Listen, no judgement, ok?

But if you’ve been fantasizing about life with a sex robot, Conversation God is not for you.

Same goes for VR sex.

Conversation God works with real, flesh and blood, beautiful women. Women who respond to you naturally.

Nothing digitized, artificial or synthetic.

Real women are 1000X MORE FASCINATING creatures anyway, once you get to know them intimately.

And how you start is to have a conversation. A real, meaningful yet fun conversation.

I’ll show you how.

(Plus another thing real women do is bend all by themselves. No assembly or programming required.)

Just click the button below and let’s get started, shall we?

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147

Business, Banging and Brotherhood

Jason Capital
America’s #1 Dating & Success Coach

P.S. One more thing.

It’s crucial you get this:

What is the most sexual organ in a woman?

HER BRAIN, of course.

And how do you sexually stimulate her brain, causing her to think those naughty thoughts about you?


It’s the only way.

My point is this:

Conversation is the doorway to all your sexual fantasies coming true.

Trust me, women will worship at your feet for your amazing conversation skills.

As you can now appreciate, it’s crucial you get this part of your life handled once and for all.

Go ahead and click the button below...

Regularly Just $297

Now During This Launch: $147